The best things in life come for free, they say. Nowhere this counts more than in an online casino. Why would you want to invest your hard earned money into games that are over in a hurry? Why not have some entertainment just for free? Many casino offer you this possibility. Mainly it is meant for you to get to know the slots in more detail before you start playing for real money. But it is also meant for those customers who are really just shy of spending their own Dollars for some games that put them at the mercy of random outcomes, like slots in an online casino.

Test the waters

There are so many slots in today's online casinos that it is very easy to lose your head. They come in all colours and layouts. Some have backgrounds related to movies or sports. Others by contrast have a way more traditional style about them, with neutral backgrounds and just some token symbols on the reels. Layouts can vary a lot and then there are the special effects and side game you need to get used to. If you are a new player, this can be very overwhelming. You could surely do with a little time just to get acquainted there. And yes, most casino will offer you this.

  1. Get the right feeling for it
  2. The best entertainment in the world

It also helps a lot to keep in mind the main purpose of casinos on the internet. They are there for your entertainment and not for you to literally print money. The random nature of the games' outcomes would not make it possible to plan the revenue from casino games anyway. Somewhere in the deep background of what you get to see on your screens, there are random number generators creating game outcomes. For you, the fun part should just be to restart the games time and time again, to let the reels rattle along and to enjoy the features the creators of those games have added.


Gambling free of barriers

Many players think that online casinos keep building unnecessary barriers when it comes to playing games online. The sign-up process can be an early dampener for any keen gambler who looks to just get a few cents or even a few dollars out of the slots. Why would you want to leave all your details to the operator of a casino online? Sure, they must know their customers well, but said customers very often also value their own privacy very highly. Free slots without a lengthy download or a time-consuming registration give you an instant access to the games you want to play for your own pleasure.

You may still argue that this is not a real casino any more, because a proper casino has to be about chips and coins. But playing without real money has always been much safer. Real money gambling has ruined many people already, because they gave in to the temptation of the promised winnings that then never came along. If you play free games, free slots, free blackjack or free roulette, you still get to win. The only difference is that you will not get the thousands of dollars paid to your private bank account. One thing will remain however, and this is this winning feeling during and after a successful streak.


Play games without a download

Not having to download extra software is a massive advantage as well. You get an instant access to your game from any kind of device. Play at home on your desktop computer or take the show on the road, using your tablet or smartphone. Even on these devices you can just open the casino websites in the browser these days. The days when such designs were too elaborate for the smaller screens are definitely over. In this day and age, games and entire casino websites indeed get designed with mobile devices in mind. Only as a second priority they also get adapted for the display on a desktop computer.

Then you save time and a lot of hassle on whatever device you are using. Download and installing software is always extra work. And nobody wants extra work when he or she is just about to look for some quick entertainment. Imagine if you were to be active in several casinos and you had to download an app for every one of those casinos. Your phone or your tablet would soon be a proper mess. Free slots without download help you to have your entertainment without having to search amongst the many apps you have installed on your device too. The websites of the casinos become your one-stop-shop.

Enjoy the best games available

Another very nice aspect of free games is that you can usually play the very same games as in the real money parts of casinos. Enjoy the same classics that you see advertised everywhere. The only difference there is if you play in the demo mode is that you can not win any real money. But that should not be your focus anyway when you start playing new games. Better get to know them properly and get a feeling for them before you go in for real. There may be one or the other game where you will be happy that you never played them for real money.

  • Enjoy the best games in the world
  • Find out what the games are all about

Free games are ideal for example to find out what games with different variances feel like when you actually play them. A high variance game can be rather boring at first glance, but once you hit a proper winning combination, your account balance will literally burst into life. On the other hand, with low variance slots, you could play forever and you would hardly ever get a big win, despite winnings that arrive fairly regularly. You can also test your patience and see whether you can play for long enough to finally get to know some special features. After all, these quite often make the games really special.

Gambling with more safety

Gambling in a casino online does not always require a lot of funds. And it will never ever require as much money as is required to take part in casino games in a proper land-based facility. There, you would never get the opportunity to play for free either. Land-based casinos are all about the money, the dresscode and spending some time among the elite society. Playing slots without download and registration on the internet gives you the chance to experience the very same games - but without all the roadblocks you might encounter when you go and visit a brick and mortar casino facility anywhere in the world.

Playing without a registration gives you extra freedom. No longer you need to fear that your personal information gets shared with other companies. No longer you need to fear these loads of marketing emails you would usually get if you sign up to a casino on the internet. With this kind of gambling, you are not dependent on special offers and bonuses. It is all about the pure game, the turning reels and the entertainment that comes with it. Spend some time to wind down, while you either add onto your virtual account - or you will not have to worry about losing any real money at all.